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Having a baby changes everything! Going to the gym becomes equivalent to packing for a Disney Cruise and forget about eating healthy... You're lucky if you even get a bite to eat! The world becomes a scale and your baby is at the very top, while you are weighing it down on the other end with all the responsibility to be a good wife, mother, employee, oh and lose the baby weight, too. The pressure to succeed is brutal. 

That's probably why you're here. You are looking for a way to find yourself again, maybe balance the scale a bit, or even tip it in your favor.  As you explore this site, I want you to remember that I was once in your shoes. I felt this pressure as a newlywed mother to my third baby in my thirties. Oh, the power of three! Losing the weight was impossible and my confidence was in the dumpster. 

That's when I found a solution that brought with it an entire community of women going through the same struggles as me. Together we embarked on a journey to exercise for 30 minutes a day, drink a superfoods shake daily, and shared recipes that made meal prepping a breeze. I actually got to eat real food for the first time in months! 

Today, my amazing community continues to grow as we work on ourselves daily to be the best mothers, wives, and confident women we can possibly be. My hope for you is that you find that confidence and tip the scales ever in your favor to find the new woman emerging from an empowered motherhood.


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Ready to get your confidence back for you and your family? I would love to work together to help you not only look but feel your best.

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Find out more about creating an online wellness business that accommodates to YOUR priorities and values.

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Need energy, a substitute for vegetables that doubles as a boobie smoothie, and hydration? These are all my favorite products that are safe to use while breastfeeding!

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