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Sneak Peek into Coaching With Jannette Leiva

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I am so excited you are here! So you want to learn about being an Online Influencer/Fitness Coach? Well, I'm thrilled you're here!

Three years ago, I decided to start this gig as a side hobby, never thinking it could offer me the opportunity to be at home with my babies full-time, build my dream home, buy my dream car, get into my best shape, and find my best friends. 

So I am beyond excited to give you all the details so that you may realize that there is MORE to life than working just to pay bills and being forced to have other people raise your children while you do the 9-5 grind in order to make ends meet.

Here's what I'd like you to do:

1. Check out the images/info to get a glimpse into what this lifestyle/gig is all about.

2. Keep an open mind and dream a little! This business doesn't play favorites, so you CAN achieve everything I've achieved IF you're willing to grow, learn, and hustle.

3. Fill out the form at the end so I can be in touch to answer all your questions!

Let's Start with Some Income Inspo

Are you interested in earning an income by getting in shape, inspiring others through your journey, and helping them change their lives too?

While I can't guarantee you any level of income or success {because that is entirely up to YOU}, I do want to share MY 6 year income progression to show you what is POSSIBLE if you believe and hustle!

Jan 2017

I was making enough to make our car payment.

Jan 2018

I could cover our car, gas and groceries for our family of 5.

Jan 2019

I started making enough to cover all of our household expenses.

Jan 2020

I matched my income working as a Literacy Facilitator.

*Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

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No, I wasn't earning a TON of money at the beginning...but $100-$150 a week as a part-time job from home was pretty sweet. But to see how that has compounded over time is mind-blowing!
Yes, I work HARD...but that work is done at home, on my terms, with my babies by my side, and with my best friends. So I share this NOT to brag, but to show you what CAN happen if you overcome your fears and GO FOR IT! It was an image like THIS one that inspired me to START and here I am inspiring you. It's a full-circle moment. Do you have THIS opportunity for income growth in your current position? Do you have the desire to change your life and finances while helping other people change theirs?

You literally have NOTHING to lose except weight, doubt, fear, limiting beliefs, and the chains holding you in the spot you're in now. So why not go for it and create your OWN success story to share?


Getting into your best shape!

Let me be clear: coaching is the BEST form of accountability and way to get healthy and fit!

Here are some transformations from coaches on our team to show you how LIFE CHANGING this gig can be!


As you can see, most of us started with weight to lose

(but some of us were already in pretty good shape- and just wanted to get more toned)!

Community & Sisterhood!

Curious about our team’s friendship, fun, and community?!


Punta Cana, cruises, LA Corporate Office tours, Riviera Maya--we get invited to these trips just for doing our job as coaches.  Aside from the company paid trips, we also have team retreats! All expenses paid vacations are a part of the "job description" while we build brands, businesses, and friendships….yes this is real life!

And you can be there with us next year! We work hard and play hard! 

FRIENDSHIP is one of the biggest PERKS of this coaching gig!

Our team is SPECIAL. We are friends. We are supporters. We are sisters from various misters! ;) We see each other's potential and we SUPPORT each other no matter what.

Not only do we chat online every day, we SEE each other in PERSON several times a year! So here are some photos to show you what our COACH FAMILY is like! If you don't have friends who support you and challenge you to be better, you need to join us!

IMG_0752 2.JPG

Scared? Hesitant? Let me leave this here for you to ponder.

Memories (1).png

It always kills me that people are willing to work 40 years at a job they aren't passionate about, living paycheck to paycheck, saving their personal days for one vacation a year, and staring at the clock the entire time they are at work.

They'll willingly spend the majority of their lives suffering because it's the societal norm, yet they aren't willing to grind for a few years to build a business and create a life of freedom. Blows my mind.


I did everything like I should. I went to school. I went into student loan debt to get that degree. Got a great job. Then I realized that no matter how hard I worked, my family only got an eighth of my time. They only saw me long enough for goodnight kisses and all for what? The prestige of a title that is not paying me enough to take my family on one vacation a year? The stress of working in an industry that consumes you and spits you out without a real retirement plan? 

This coaching gig has been my way OUT of that trap. So if you are resisting this because you think you "should" use the degree you spent years getting, or you "should" stay at the job you have because it's "safe," or you "should" run from this because you are afraid of what others might think, or you "should" just focus on being a wife and mom, ask yourself: do I want to spend the rest of my life working just to pay bills, live paycheck to paycheck, and then die?

Because ladies, there is so much MORE to life than that! You and your families deserve more!


And if you are a go-getter and self-starter, this opportunity, the chance to be your own boss, is for YOU! And I would LOVE to mentor you and show you the way!

Ready to join us, complete the application below

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