Calling All Moms to Be & Postpartum Mamas

I am beyond excited to announce that our 42-week long pregnancy + postpartum program is here!! Elise Joan, the creator of Barre Blend, has reimagined all the workouts for the journey through both the prenatal and postpartum journey! I know that so many of you have wanted to join together in a pregnancy group to share our journeys and this is going to be perfect! I cannot wait to see everyone’s baby bumps grow and to support each other through this beautiful experience! Below is more info on the program!

So, let’s chat a little bit about the program

The calendar is 42 weeks long and spans your 1st Trimester to the postpartum period (the 4th trimester)! The workouts are specific to each trimester to help you prepare your body for labor and guide you towards a healthy, fit, and active pregnancy... and then to support postpartum recovery! As always, please consult with your doctor before starting. You also want to always make sure to listen to your body and make changes if necessary. If anything changes during your pregnancy, always consult your doctor!

Let's go over some FAQs to see if it's for you!

How long are the workouts?

30 minutes.

How many days a week?

During the first trimester, the calendar has 4 workouts, during the 2nd and 3rd, 5 workouts and 2-4 during the postpartum period.

What equipment is needed?

Light dumbbells, bands, and a stable surface (a sturdy chair works perfectly)

What are the workouts like?

All of the workouts are total body Barre Blend workouts, specific to each trimester! The workouts are 30 minutes and suitable for all fitness levels- there is always a modifier and an intensifier- and they are a combination of barre, Pilates, cardio and strength training.

Elise always incorporates mindset work as well, to help you on your pregnancy journey mentally as well as physically.

There is also a collection of 10-minute intensifiers so you have so many options to tailor your workout to your journey.

What else will we focus on?

Breathing! The skills developed throughout the program will help you center and focus through your workouts and help to train your body for labor.

ADLs - Activities of Daily Life are so much harder pregnant - and can often lead to injury. Focusing on proper form helps you stay mobile throughout pregnancy!

Who Is Elise Joan?

Barre Blend creator Elise Joan is a former professional dancer who has taught barre-based fitness and yoga for over a decade. She’s an inspirational mind/body professional with multiple fitness certifications and co-creator of the Beachbody program 3 Week Yoga Retreat. Known for her positive, joy-filled teaching style, Elise is excited to bring her love of dance and movement to even more people with Barre Blend.

Here's a preview for you to check out!

And because I know hearing from other mama's can be helpful check out this beautiful mama to be (for the 3rd time) Anita talk about how Pre & Postpartum Barre Blend help her feel strong in her pregnancy!

What Packages Are There?

For New Customers:

Existing BOD Customers:

This program is going to be a game-changer for pregnancy and postpartum and I am so excited to support you through this beautiful journey!

Fill out this form to start feeling stronger in your pregnancy and postpartum journey!

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